The following has been issued by Faulkner County Judge Jim Baker regarding the clean-up after the flood.  Please click on the link below…

FLOOD CLEAN-UP issued by FC Judge’s Office

If unable to open link, here is what the orders say:


  1.  Break them and distribute the sand through your yard.
  2.  If you do not do #1, you must treat dry (did not touch floodwater) sandbags differently from wet (touched floodwater), as the wet ones are considered hazardous waste.

a.  Return dry sandbags to the place where you picked them up.

b.  Place wet sandbags in the right of way for the County to pick up.

3.  If you cannot return the dry sandbags to the pick-up spot, place them on the right of way, but SEPARATE FROM THE WET ONES.


  1.  If you have flood insurance, contract with a reliable company to repair your property and remove the debris.
  2.  If you do the work yourself, place the debris on the right of way, but do so with patience and an understanding that it may be weeks before all the debris in the county is picked up.





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