We have added a new Master Meter connection to the Greers Ferry Water Main Line, which makes two (2) connections now.  We built a new water tank (Brannon Rd) which makes a total of three (3) tanks and we added 24,000+ feet of new line to feed the tank.  Our other two (2) water tanks are located on North Hill Acres nearby Wooster Elementary and upon Horseshoe Mountain.  After we got the approval from Arkansas Department of Health (ADH), we turned the new water tank on February 20, 2019.  Currently, we are working in two (2) other areas on the water system (Summerhill & Shawbridge) putting in larger lines that will total approximately 50,000 feet.  Altogether, we are looking at about 75,000 feet of new water line!  That represents over 14 miles of new water line!  This will increase the flow and pressure for these areas, plus the whole system.  These additions will accommodate our new growth and our future growth.

These projects along with Wooster’s outstanding Volunteer Fire Department helped to lower our fire rating for the whole system from a “7” inside the city limits and from a “9” outside the city limits to a “4” and “4X” rating.  This should lower our citizens’ insurance rate on their homes!

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