ANNOUNCEMENT:  During this Christmastime, please stop by and visit Wooster’s Municipal Building where City Hall and Wooster Water System is located at 7 Reed Rd and see our Christmas Village & the North Pole.  Bring your children to get a Candy Ornament from the Christmas Tree and a Candy Cane from the Candy Cane Tree!

At this time, we would like to thank Justice of the Peace District 12 (our district), Justice Jerry Boyer for his generosity in loaning us the Christmas houses and shops to set up the Village and the North Pole.  He enjoys doing such good things in remembrance of his wife, the late Sandra Boyer, who set up Villages each year for all to enjoy.  With that being said, Justice Boyer also funded the candy for the trees for the children as his gift to the community and neighbors in the City of Wooster and our surrounding area.  Thank you, Justice Boyer!

Wooster’s Mayor Terry D Robinson would like to wish all of our residents, community, and our neighbors a safe and a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  The rest of us at Wooster City Hall & Wooster Water System…Donna Pruitt, Financial Administrator, Lisa Vaden, Clerk/Sec; Taylor Havens, Water Operator In Charge & 1st 911 Responder; Brandon Holley, Water Operator & 1st 911 Responder; Eric Havens, Waste Water Operator In Charge, & last but not least, Albert Book, P/T Water & Waste Water Operator would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as well.  Merry Christmas Y’all !!!

The pics below are for your enjoyment.  Zoom In through the windows of the Municipal Building and see the trees!!

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