Water upgrade project:

IMG_9323ed16Starting on Kaney Ridge Road, south of Wooster, work is underway installing a new master meter for a new connection connect to community water, a main 24” line.  A new 8” line will be run up Elliot Road to Highway 25, that continues back north to Pleasant Valley to connect to a new tank that will be built on Brannon Road.

Coming soon is an elevated 200,000 gallon storage tank, a $2.5 m project.  When completed, this project will provide ample storage and allow for more water in the summer when the volume usage is high. This tank will help meet the demand of the newer subdivisions and plan for new growth.  

This project will help solve the problem of the water system being run to maximum capacity, due to all the growth over the last 15 years and help meet the demand of new growth.  

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